You are cordially invited to the great anniversary of the Röllelibutzen Verein association, Altstätten. The reason for this festivity is the Röllelibutzen Verein‘s 100th birthday.


The anniversary celebration will begin on 11th November 2018 with the book launch and special exhibition (guests from the Culture and Tradition Meeting). The highlight is the weekend of 15th-17th February 2019 with the Culture and Tradition Meeting, where various different traditional groups from all over Europe will display their cultures.


Our goal is to organise a comfortable, manageable anniversary with around 30 to 35 groups from all over Europe. We want to exclusively invite groups with a long Carnival tradition to Altstätten and we have already received positive feedback from traditional associations, guilds and groups from all over Europe including Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Belgium, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland, who are very interested in this tradition meeting.

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